Eastlake Brewery & Tavern

Craftsman-brewed ales & lagers for die-hard beer fans
made inside the old Sears & Roebuck building




Eastlake brews both post-modern American and traditional European beers, and holds down the fort in our own 88-seat taproom. Nice weather brings out our 48-seat landscaped street side sidewalk patio. 

Gluten-free? Non-drinker? Not quite 21 years old? We didn't forget about you – we also have Deane's kombucha on tap, and several flavors of botanically brewed soda in bottles.

We're also selling bombers and growlers of our beer at the bar. Available every day of the week (even Sunday!) until 10pm. Already have too many glass growlers in your basement? Bring any clean half gallon or 750ml growler, and we'll fill it at the tap. We even have extra lids for the ubiquitous half gallon growler in case you can't find yours or it got all gnarly. 


flagship BEERS

Nicollet Mauler Black IPA
Our bellwether brew is a hopped-up malty maelstrom of licorice, caramel, cacao, pine, tropical fruit, and floral aroma.
Anything and everything goes, and there are no wrong answers. Take a step back, let it overcome your senses,
and always remember: Maulers Gonna Maul.
Pairings: bacon cheeseburger, carne asada, 8-year cheddar

Shoot From The Hip IPA
Sometimes it doesn't matter who shot first.
Straight-shootin' gunslingers like us tend to talk ourselves into trouble.
Guava, passionfruit, and lychee hop aroma are all over this one.
Medium-dark caramel malt keeps things sweet enough to knock out the bitterness,
while the Belgian yeast leaves the finish dry.
Pairings: Lamb curry, pad thai, aged gouda

Blueliner Pale Ale
Blueliner is the pale ale made for the longer shifts. For those who playwith confidence at both ends of the ice.
Simcoe hops go hard to the net with big-time piney apricot aroma,
but the real yeoman’s work is a peachy citrus assist from Palisade. Go wild.
Pairings:  curry, pork loin torta, chicken tinga, smoked cheddar

Mud In Your Eye American Brown Ale
Biscuity hazelnut races past licorice caramel on the copper cobblestone road of sweetness and leaves you in the dust.
The subtle floral hop presence from Willamette hops keeps the rubber side on the road. Here's mud in your eye.
Pairings: Pork tamales, fish & chips, sharp cheddar

Dank Aaron Double IPA
Dank Aaron is a Double IPA that hits all the right stats - 100 IBU, 9% ABV, 755 HR – you get the idea.
Stickier than pine tar from copious amounts of a rotation of our brewers’ favorite hops,
Dank Aaron rounds the bases of flavor and aroma – citrus, pine, earthy, and resin.
This is a beer that can hit it anywhere, any time, just make sure you can get home safely.
Check here to see notes for each batch.




Stick Style IPA
Charles Eastlake’s distinctive style of Queen Anne architecture is the inspiration for our American IPA. Known as Stick Style, easily obtained components were used to create over-the-top rococo designs. With that in mind, we tend to go a bit too far with a rotating blend of some of our favorite hops. Because if it ain’t baroque, fix it. Check here to see notes for each batch.

Kirby Pucker Sour Series
Stepping up to the plate is Kirby Pucker, our rotation of brews that undergo a second fermentation with lactobacillus.
Every iteration in the series is a unique Eastlake take on postmodern American sour beer.
Pucker up! After all, Lake Street Is For Lovers. Check here to see notes for each batch.

Southside Pilsner Czech Pilsner-esque Ale  
 52 IBU   5.2% ABV
Southside is brewed in the style of a Czech Pils, only with a cool-fermenting ale yeast. We call it Pilsner-esque.
A picaresque brew indeed, crisp and refreshing, Southside rolls with noticeable bitterness and spicy aroma from noble Saaz hops.
This “Helles of the north” is the perfect beer to throw down after a long ride down the alleys and streets of Southside Minneapolis.


seasonal BEERS

Almond Milk Stout (Vegan)
Arcturan Mega-Saison with Pink Lemons & Ginger (Spring)
Eye of the Tiger Vietnamese-Spiced Belgian Strong Ale (Late Winter)
Good Ol' Gnarly Brown (Autumn-Winter)
Nicollet Nicollet Mauler Mauler (Anniversary Beer, Dec.)
The Raccoon & The Bear Red Ale with Cedar & Fir Tips (Winter)
Tsathoggua Imperial Stout (Winter)

Increasingly Lost Saison
L'Ogre de Turvueren Belgian Pale
Oostermeer 21 Belgian Strong Ale
Slop City American Rye Stout

Sun Dogs' IPA
Sweet Sassy Molassy Robust Porter
Triple Short of the Cycle ESB


This is a list of all the beers we make. For current taproom availability, see the Instagram feed below.



Eastlake brews small batches on our 7-barrel electric system from Stout Tanks of Portland, OR. 100% off the electricity that we use in the brewing process, as well as elsewhere in the taproom, is from sustainably-sourced wind energy.

Eastlake brews small batches on our 7-barrel electric system from Stout Tanks of Portland, OR. 100% off the electricity that we use in the brewing process, as well as elsewhere in the taproom, is from sustainably-sourced wind energy.




Beer & Food

As good as it gets!

Our location in a corner of the Midtown Global Market offers a multitude of diverse food options. Whether you're in the mood for a vegan Indurrito, a camel burger, pad thai, falafel, a cheesesteak torta, or a custom slice of pizza – if you can think it, you can probably eat it. Just grab your food and bring it in to the taproom. Or, order from Hot Indian Foods, Manny's Tortas, or Taco Cat right at the bar, and your food will be delivered straight to you, all day long. And, after the market closes in the evening, Manny's Tortas and Taco Cat stay open late to put food in your belly! Enter on Lake St.

Weekly Events!

Every Weekday from 2-5pm we have Happy Hour. All full-size beers are $2 off! No food necessary.

See more of our upcoming events at our Facebook Events page.


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Where to find our beers (Minnesota only):

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Bike delivery of 750ml bombers
Taco Cat (Call 612-723-5388 - South Minneapolis, delivery with food only, even on Sundays!)

Or visit us event days per week at the Eastlake Taproom in South Minneapolis, with growlers and bottles even available to-go on Sundays!

Buy beer online

Note: all of our merch ships from the taproom, so if we don't have it there, we won't have it online, either. 

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Midtown Global Market, in the southeast corner

After 8pm, enter on Lake between 10th Ave. and Eliot

Transfer point for high-frequency Metro Transit bus routes 5 & 21

Just off the 10th Ave. exit on the Midtown Greenway

Ample bike racks and a Nice Ride station out front

90 min validated parking in ramp on 10th Ave.

920 E. Lake St. #123
Mpls, MN 55407



Fri & Sat Noon–11p
Sun - Thu Noon-10p

Email to inquire
about rates for 
room rental and private events. 
Typical availability is after 6pm Sunday & after 8pm Mon-Wed.