Dank Aaron Batch Notes

Dank Aaron is a Double IPA that hits all the right stats - 100 IBU, 9% ABV, 755 HR – you get the idea. Stickier than pine tar from copious amounts of a rotation of our brewers’ favorite hops, Dank Aaron rounds the bases of flavor and aroma – citrus, pine, earthy, and resin. This is a beer that can hit it anywhere, any time, just make sure you can get home safely. We used to call it Gustav Mauler's Fifth. This is a list of every batch we've ever made, with notes about each recipe.

04/20/17 Batch 223; 8.3% ABV; Mosaic hop hash, 007, Chinook..
03/09/17 Batch 211; 8.9% ABV; Chinook, Azacca, CTZ; tropical take on a piney throwback base.
01/25/17 Batch 191; 9.3% ABV; Citra, SImcoe, Calypso, Azacca; 
12/01/16 Batch 188; 8.9% ABV; Azacca, Calypso, CTZ; Very orangish, dank.
09/22/16 Batch 168; 9.1% ABV; Citra, Simcoe, CTZ, and Chinook; Pine, very dank, resin, citrus, stone fruit
08/11/16 Batch 150; 8.9% ABV; Azacca, Mandarina Bavaria, and Chinook; Smooth bitterness, tangerines
06/20/16 Batch 140; 9.9% ABV; Azacca, Calypso, Chinook Hops; Very tropical
05/20/16 Batch 132: 9.6% ABV; Calypso, Caliente, Chinook, and Simcoe Hops; Strawberry and cherry notes
04/18/16 Batch 122: 8.4% ABV; Zythos, Simcoe, Topaz, and Zeus Hops
03/21/16 Batch 114: 9.0% ABV; Primarily Simcoe, dry hopped with El Dorado, Citra, and Palisade Hops
12/22/15 Batch 91: 8.1% ABV; Azacca, Simcoe & El Dorado Hops.
07/15/15 Batch 56: 11.4% ABV; Mosaic, Amarillo, & Citra Hops
05/04/15 Batch 40: 11.2% ABV; Galaxy & Citra Hops
02/12/15 Batch 19: 8.4% ABV; Mosaic & Simcoe Hops