Eastlake Craft Brewery 

Head of Security

Posting closes Sep 12, 2014


Eastlake Craft Brewery is looking for an experienced Head of Security with a passion for craft beer. The primary role will be to secure our after hours entrance off Lake St. after the market closes.


The Head of Security is guest focused, flexible, and knowledgeable about every part of the venue. Is a representative of both Eastlake Craft Brewery and Midtown Global Market, and is responsible for upholding the goals, vision and mission of both Eastlake and the Midtown Global Market. The bar security ensures every guest has a great experience by attending to their needs in a timely and helpful manner, from when they enter the door to when they exit the taproom.

The job involves at least 12 hours per week (Thu, Fri, and Sat 8pm-11pm), and we would prefer a candidate who would also work as a server outside these hours. 


  • The Head of Security will be stationed at the door after the Midtown Global Market closes at 8pm when the taproom stays open late. All entering patrons will have their IDs checked and be marked with a handstamp during these times.
  • Throughout the day, bar security inspects various sections of the establishment, from the bathrooms to the bar itself, to ensure safety, patrols the bar from time to time to look for any threats to the bar's security.
  • Identifies rowdy patrons and ejects them from the establishment, if they are a nuisance to other patrons.
  • Monitors the bar occupancy to ensure it doesn't exceed maximum capacity.
  • Monitors entrances and exits to ensure that individuals who have been barred do not get into the establishment. Stays current on our Do-Not-Serve list.
  • Resolves conflicts and restrains anyone who gets into a fight, takes care of patrons’ welfare, and where warranted, frisks patrons to ensure they do not get into the bar with weapons or illegal items. Non-violent strategies are expected to be the primary solution. Is willing to call police if assistance is needed.
  • Security also writes up reports of incidents for record-keeping purposes.
  • Helps management with adjustments to the security plan.
  • Helps management plan security for special events.
  • Chats it up with patrons about Eastlake beer and craft beer in general.
  • Is available to rep Eastlake at special events as needed.


  • Has verifiable experience working as a security guard or in a related field, preferably in a bar setting.
  • Must be able to stand or walk for much of the shift.
  • Must be positive, fun, and coachable.
  • Must have a general knowledge about craft beer, including ingredients and styles.
  • Can stay up to date on a rotating cast of available styles.
  • Must be able to read and write English.
  • Can verbalize and clearly respond to guests.
  • Bar security work involves occasional physical confrontation, so a bar security guard is required to be physically fit.
  • Security may be the establishment's first point of contact with patrons and therefore should be presentable and courteous.
  • Security is also expected to be always mentally alert to quickly spot any disturbance on the premises.

Job Location

Midtown Global Market
920 E. Lake St. #123
Minneapolis, MN

Position Type
Full-Time/Part-Time regular. 8pm-11pm Thurday, Friday, and Saturday required.
Compensation will be dependent upon the applicant’s prior experience, job duties, and additional abilities.
We expect to open sometime in October.


Send a resume to EastlakeMGMOffice@gmail.com
Please include your scheduling availability. Please, no phone calls or walk-ins. 

Eastlake Craft Brewery, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to excellence through diversity. Employment offers are made on the basis of qualifications and without regard to race, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation.